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We have a large selection of poultry food including Avigrain brand and Red Hen Brand, Vella and Furney Stockfeeds. Various bags for young chicks up to laying hens. Bag sizes from 5kg up to 20kg bags. We also offer the following specials:

Buy any 3 x 20kg Poultry Food Bags (Can be assorted 20kg bags) – Receive 10% off our RRP

Buy any 6 x 20kg Poultry Food Bags (Can be assorted 20kg bags) – Receive 20% off our RRP


Your Premium Pet food store!
We sell large bags of all premium dog food at a discounted price. Most 12+ kg are sold at $20.00 off RRP! These brands include Royal Canin, Hills Science. Eukanuba, Advance, BlackHawk and Canidae.


Discounted price available on premium pet food. Check out our prices and compare what you are paying elsewhere!










BLACKHAWK PET FOOD! – 20KG from 31/3/2017

Puppy Lamb 20kg    ***20kg ON SALE $109.95ea

Adult Dog Chicken and Rice 20kg   ***20kg ON SALE $99.95ea

Adult Dog Lamb and Rice 20kg    ***20kg ON SALE $99.95ea

Adult Potato and Fish 20kg     ***20kg ON SALE $109.95ea

Cat Chicken and Rice 20kg     ***20kg ON SALE $97.95ea

*** Please check with store to confirm sale price ***


Visit http://www.blackhawkpetcare.com.au/ for more information



*All big bags of Advance, Hills Science, Eukanuba, Royal Canin have been discounted by $20.00 off RRP*



 Canidae Dog Food Pure Sea/Pure Land/Pure Sky/Pure Elements*

10.8kg RRP $124.95  – SALE PRICE $104.95 RRP $124.95ea

Foundations (Puppy) Food 10.8kg $109.95ea RRP $129.95ea
















Diatomaceous Earth – Now In Stock! (for Chickens and Birds) 


Wood Shavings Bales $15.95ea or 2 for $30.00

Many more deals available in store!

We stock Oxbow Animal Health for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. This is a super premium vet recommended range.

Products include:

Western Timothy Hay, Botanical Hay, Oat Hay, Orchard Grass Hay, Simple Reward Treats, Young and Adult Guinea Pig Food, Young and Adult Rabbit Food and Hay Cakes.

Visit www.oxbowaustralia.com for more information

Brands – Nexgard, Frontline, Advantage, Advocate, Comfortis, Revolution, Interceptor, Heartguard, Preventic, Nexgard, Advantix, Sentinel, Drontal, Capstar, Ecopet, Aqua Nova, Kramar, Aristopet, Snooza, Prestige Pet, Exo Terra, Fluval, Nutrafin, Avigrain, Petone, Petsafe, Crown, Elite Pet, Oster, Andis, Avigrain, Vetafarm, Red Hen, Rogz, Red Dingo, Oxbow and More!

Animals – Fish, Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rats, Chooks, Chicks, and Hermit Crabs.

We also have a huge selection of bird cages, dog kennels, dog runs, puppy pens and dog crates, rabbit hutches, possum traps, cat traps and larger traps.

Huge range of accessories for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, poultry and small animals.

Store faces Quarry Road. Plenty of parking underneath building complex and at rear of store!
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